The Date Night Community


What’s going on here?

Have you ever moved to a new city, been sitting on the couch with your boo scrolling through random events/yelp pages looking for something to do (preferably together) and getting so frustrated you end up just ordering take out for the 6th Friday in a row? No just us? (Well, you’re all liars)

My husband and I made the grand move to Fort Worth in February of 2019. We had so many thoughts and ideas of what this new adventure would have in store for us and all the wonderful things we were going to do. We had visions of our date nights going from a solid 4-5 which we had experienced in our sweet home town of Amarillo, Texas to being an extravagant 10+ on the weekly. The problem? We had no idea what to do and where to even start.

Now, I understand at this point you have your own thoughts and ideas on how you would have counseled us through this season but be real…everyone has been here. Jared and I live for date night, there’s nothing like getting out of the house, being intentional with each other and experiencing new things.

So we invite you to join us on our journey we are calling “Date Night DFW”. This is a multifaceted experiment, one to hold us accountable to get out and have those experiences to avoid the FOMO funk we have once been in, second to share our date night experience to hopefully inspire others to connect on different levels with your Bae and lastly so that you can share your fabulous date night experiences with others.

Welcome to our date night community!


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